The Benefits of Having a Rug Pad for Every Rug in Your Home

The Benefits of Having a Rug Pad for Every Rug in Your Home

Vintage hand-knotted rugs are not just pieces of home decor, but they are also valuable investments that can last for generations. However, if you want to protect your antique rug and ensure that it retains its beauty and value, investing in a rug pad is essential. A rug pad offers more than just cushioning underfoot; it provides several benefits, such as preventing slipping and sliding, reducing wear and tear, and creating a barrier between your rug and the floor. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of having a rug pad for your hand-knotted vintage rug and why it's a wise investment for any homeowner who wants to preserve their cherished vintage rug for years to come.


Antique hand-knotted rugs are precious items that require proper care and attention. Rug pads act as a barrier between your rug and the floor, preventing scratches and other forms of damage. This is especially important if you have delicate or expensive flooring that you want to preserve.

Prevents Sliding:

But protection isn't the only benefit of a rug pad. They also prevent your rug from sliding around on the floor, which can be a tripping hazard. And if you have kids or pets running around, this can be a real lifesaver. A rug pad keeps your rug in place and reduces the risk of damage to the rug or surrounding furniture.


The extra layer it adds can be a game-changer, as most of the rugs we carry are low pile. A rug pad will add an extra layer of cushioning underfoot, making your rug feel even softer and more luxurious than ever. It's like walking on a cloud!

Order a Rug Pad:

We offer custom-cut rug pads to perfectly fit underneath your rug. Since every rug pad is custom to your rug, we will send you a custom quote according to the size you need. Here is our Rug Pad Order Form.

Key Features:

- Made in the USA

- Made of recycled felt and natural rubber

- Eco-friendly

- Safe for all floors

- Moisture and mildew resistant

- 10 year warranty (through our partnering rug pad company)

So, if you're looking to protect your investment, make sure you get a rug pad! It will protect your floors, preserve the life of your rug, lock the rug in place, and add an extra layer of comfort.

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